Another Season & Same Results = Definition Of Insanity

11 01 2011

What can be said after another Eagles playoff loss? At least Donovan McNabb wasn’t under center for this one.  We all know what happened, poor time management, missed field goals (this one was new actually), defensive breakdowns on unknown players (Starks), lack of big plays, etc.  Yada, yada, fucking yada.  It still stings.

If I was GM of the Eagles, there would have been pink slips handed out like candy today.  Ernie Sims, see ya! Get the fuck outta town, your 1 year experiment didn’t go so well.  You overrun EVERYTHING.  Broderick Bunkley, see ya! You’re getting first round money to sit the bench, we don’t need ya.  Winston Justice, it almost worked out, see ya.  Mike McGlynn, you can stay as a backup, but your sure as shit not my starting center next year.  Nick Cole, I’ve seen enough.  King Dunlap, you’re not even an NFL player.  Quentin Mikell, we have to wait and see on you, if another safety better than you comes along, see ya.  If not, you’re the back up plan.  Juqua Parker or “Black Mike Mamula” as I like to call him, is a rotational guy, not a starter.

That’s where I’d start.  I am not one to look back on games and play the what if game.  As poor as the defense played, if you let up only 21 points against a potent Packers offense, you should win the game.  That’s how the Eagles are built.  High powered offense, poor defense.  That was this team’s M.O.  We’re going to put up 35 points and you’re going to have to outscore us.  But lately that offense disappeared.  Michael Vick came down to Earth.  Not many other players showed up.  Lesean McCoy, one of the bright spots on the team this year was given the ball only 13 times.  13 times! The game-planning wasn’t ideal, or what us “arm-chair coachs” wanted, but in the end, they had the chance to win the game.  We came up short.





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