Brent Musberger Is The Greatest

11 01 2011

Last night, after 37 days of inactivity, Auburn & Oregon squared off in the BCS Championship Game.  Game was great, not as high scoring as people or Vegas would have imagined, as the over/under was 75 which they didn’t come close too, but that game was exciting none the less.  Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit are the best in the business and on the final call Brent proved why.

This is for all the Tositos! Great call, Brent’s still got it! You can’t script stuff like that.  That’s something great play by-play men just pull outta their ass.  Like when Bill Rafferty pulls out the “Onions! Double Order!” That just came to him, you can tell scripted vs non scripted.  Just got to point out a good call when you see one.




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