I Just Threw Up In My Mouth A Lil’

11 01 2011

Oh man, come on Mike.  I know Lebron is about as big a sports celebrity as there is right now, but do you really need to Twitter frot (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=frottage) with him for all the world to see? The most selfish athlete of our time, a man who hosts an ESPN special just to announce his free agent decision, a man who should not rub off on you is courting you on Twitter.  There is no doubt that when Vick goes to Miami the two of them will hit the town.  Mike, you’re on the right path, don’t stray, don’t go clubbing in Miami and Lebron and his crew.  Don’t let the selfishness affect you Mike.  Soon you’ll be thinking you deserve birthday cakes like this….

Seriously, anyone that has a birthday cake like that enjoys the smell of their own farts.  For real.  Get fucked Lebron.  That cake is why people hate you.  What an arrogant pastry that is.  If someone brought me that birthday cake to my party, I would piss on it and tell them to get me a new one.  That cake is in part what is wrong with America.




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