Ted Williams Has Many, Many Great Mugshots

11 01 2011

Damn, as documented all over the internet, “Golden Radio Voice” man Ted Williams was picked up late last night at a Hollywood hotel for a late night “squabble” with his daughter.  No files have been filed YET.  We all know Mr. Williams has had trouble in the past, hence the homelessness.  Williams, 53, has been busted for theft, robbery, escape, forgery, and drug possession in the past.  No choir boy most certainly, but most thought Williams with his new found fame would stay on the straightened arrow and make a successful career with his new found second chance.  The commericials and work had already started pouring in.  Kraft Mac n’ Cheese commericials, Cleveland Cavaliers voice over work, the works.  Life was good, let’s hope this late night pick up with police doesn’t fuck with his second chance.   I’ll give him one thing, that man can take a GREAT mug shot.  I can’t decide which mullet is better, the afro shot is money, those porn ‘staches are phenomenal.  What the hell is up with the medical mask one? Anyway, all in all, one of the greatest collection of mug shots I’ve ever seen.

Apparently Williams is in L.A. to film a show with Dr. Phil and his 9 children. To see if they can reconcile their rocky relationships.




One response

11 01 2011

Yo Google images of Geraldo Rivera and tell me if they are long lost brothers…LoL…

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