Colin Cowherd Is In Love…..With Tom Brady

12 01 2011

Watching this video is painful, and I know most of it is in jest, but it’s just tough to see where Colin’s lips end and Brady’s hog begins.

“Other than building the pyramids in Egypt, it’s the greatest achievement by a man ever.”

“A declaration of Brady, not independence.”

Is Gisele gonna have to start going through Tom’s phone looking for sexy text messages from Colin? Nothing else to say, I just got sidetracked looking at Gisele Youtube videos and I’ve lost all thoughts in my head.  Here’s two great videos for you. You’re welcome you ungrateful bastards. Fuck Tom Brady, maybe Cromartie’s right, after watching her, I think I hate that beautiful bastard. (no homo)


Shhhhhhheeeeiiiitt.  I think this is the first ever post to get put in the “Assbag” category and the “Waterboard the D” category.  Real mind fuck.




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