Angel Pagan Smokes The Good Stuff

13 01 2011

Look as Phillies fans, with this rotation and core of the team still intact, we tend to get a little carried away.  We automatically assume we’ll be back in the playoffs with the addition of Cliff Lee.  We forget about the Mets, yeah those Mets that choke every September.  Be afraid of the Mets, just ask Mets OF Angel Pagan.

The eyes of a winner.

When asked about everyone crowning the Phillies division champs already, Pagan had this to say….

“If we have health, we can give them a fight,” Pagan said in a telephone interview Wednesday. “Everyone is counting on Philadelphia, but they have to do it. I got my money on my team, bro. I love challenges and that’s why I’m looking forward to it. I believe in surprises.”

There you have it.  Coming from a man that uses BRO in speaking with reporters.  The kind of man you want leading a team, BRO.  The type of teammate you want packing your bong, BRO.  Are you kidding me Angel? The Phillies, and the next part is hard to write without sounding like a homer, may NOT LOSE A SERIES ALL YEAR.  A series that is, so if your blood just boiled, let me explain myself.

To start, no matter who your #1 pitcher is, they’re going to have to face Roy Halladay, the best pitcher in baseball.  Let’s say you’re lucky enough to win that game.  Then you have to face Cliff fucking Lee.  Not a #2 pitcher in the league is on his level and that’s just a factual statement (what #2 has a Cy Young Award? None).  If you beat Halladay and Lee, it might be your only shot, and if you’re capable of that, congratulations.  Let’s say you you win one of those and in the series deciding game you throw your team’s #3 slop against Roy Oswalt.  Oswalt is a #1 on more than half the teams in this league and now he’s facing off against #3’s? Come on, that’s not fair.  Oswalt and Hamels are going to prosper like it was the gold rush of 1949 under the regime of Halladay & Lee.  Hamels against 4’s is just ludicrous.  Cole Hamels should win 20 games this year, in the 4 spot.  Think about that, a rotation like this has never before been assembled.  There is no easy way out of it.  All four pitchers are power arm pitchers, capable of going nine innings every night they take the mound.

If the Phillies are able to deal Blanton they will, BUT they don’t have too.  Amaro’s plans already included Blanton’s 17 million over the next two seasons.  He wants too deal him, but doesn’t have too.  If Blanton is our #5 starter, you definitely won’t win a series.   But given our #5 starters will eventually lose one, you have to face Roy Halladay the next day to keep the streak alive.  Good luck.

Angel, good luck BRO.  The Mets will be better, they can’t really get much worse with that much talent, can they? The Braves with the addition of Dan Uggla are better than you.  Confidence is one thing, but lunacy, lunacy has to be pointed out BRO.  The Mets opening day rotation is looking like this….

Johan Santana (coming off major arm surgery, hasn’t even started REHAB yet)

Johnathan Niese

Mike Pelfrey

R.A. Dickey

Jenrry Meija, I had to look him up too, it’s ok……

You’re like a regular BROstradamus Angel.  Good luck following through like Jimmy Rollins did.  When he made that statement, he knew he had the team to back him up, you? Not so much. You’re going to be feeling like this guy in October when the Phillies are in the playoffs AGAIN….

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Reuben doesn’t even have to deal Blanton, haha…..

This shirt from Phillyphaitful pretty much sums it up….





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