Baseball To Have Hard Knocks-esque Show

13 01 2011

The Showtime Network has been gearing up for a long time to take a run at HBO’s supremacy of the premium channels.  Many of their shows have taken off and compete with HBO head to head, such as Californication, Dexter, Weeds and The United States of Tara.  Showtime has now decided to dabble more in the sports world, and it appears they are going to start full force.

Showtime has decided to do a behind the scenes show about the San Francisco Giants.  HBO has Hard Knocks and 24/7 an d now will have competition in that sports documentary world.  The unnamed show will follow around the defending champion Giants for their new series and their quest to defend the crown.  I wouldn’t imagine that many Phillies fans will be tuning in to watch Pat Burrell parade around in a gimp outfit or Brian Wilson play his extreme role.

Producer Mike Tollin who formerly produced Bonds on Bonds, for ESPN is the rumored front-runner to land the job.  As much as I love Hard Knocks and 24/7 I would have to imagine that this new baseball show should be a HOME RUN (horrible pun completely intended and supposed to be sarcasm. sarcasm is tough to get across in print).

EW has the whole story…..




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