Break From Eagles Depression

13 01 2011

By this time next week, most fans will be over the end of another Eagles season.  Right now the venom is still flowing.  Many fans look at such outlets as blogs to get over this rage.  I came across two things in the early morning that will certainly do that.  How does the caption “Simpsons Porno” suit you? Got your attention? Well here is the SFW version or trailer if you will.

Digest it, decide if you want to watch the yellow weirdness.  But I can guarentee you’re not thinking about the Eagles right now are you? Ready for the second caption to take your mind off things?  “Brett Favre’s Sister Busted in Meth Lab.”

Yep.  Brett Favre’s sister was arrested in Diamondhead Mississippi along with four others in a meth lab operation.   A condo building was raided where the operation was held and 34 year old Brandi (shocking her name is Brandi) Favre will be charged with producing meth and generating hazardous waste.  She is in custody and awaits arraignment.  What a year for the Favre’s, full of cock shots and meth.  Reminds me of a lot of families in the South. has the story…..

Just two stories to get your Thursday morning moving.




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