Get Me This “Grandmama Iced Tea”

13 01 2011

Larry “Grandmama” Johnson has been retired from the NBA for some time now, but has recently entered into a new business endeavor….

“Grand Ma Ma Sweet Southern Tea ® ― Inspired by the sweet tea from his childhood in Texas and from the famous character created in his series of commercials for Converse, Larry will be introducing the Grandmama’s Sweet Southern Tea in the coming months. This line of flavored teas is currently in development and will come in sweetened natural flavors reminiscent of the cool refreshment from hot summer afternoons sitting on the porch at Grandmama’s house.

Nobody makes iced tea the way your Grandmama makes it!!” – from Hall of Fame Beverages

They better sell this shit in the Northern States.  It’ll be so damn sweet, you’ll get instant cavities, and I can’t wait! Larry expedite this to the market immediately.  Let’s GO!


Larry Brown Sports has the story….



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18 01 2011
Diego Porrez

extract from new Grandmama commercial:

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