Loathing Matt Geiger Is So Damn Easy

13 01 2011
Matt Geiger made a career of stealing money in the NBA, especially when he cashed in on 6 year 51 million dollar contract with the Sixers in 1998.  Geiger’s body and game began to break down shortly thereafter.  Gotta love the NBA, guaranteed money! Geiger was still making bank will averaging 6 points a game and 2 rebounds.  This is majority of the reason Sixers fans hated, and still hate Matt Geiger.  Geiger like many NBA treated himself to a nice mansion outside the Tampa area in Florida, where he’s from.  We would all do the same.  Geiger listed said mansion in the market in 2008 for the asking price of 20 million dollars.  Why was he listing it for 20 million? He put way too much money into it, that’s why.

He installed a putting green and stocked an artificial lake with 2,500 bass. He even had a personal herd of livestock at one time with 12 buffalo, 11 Watusi cattle, two donkeys, a miniature horse and one cow.The home had 40 televisions, 18 of them wired with Xbox so that Geiger and his high school pals could play video games. The home became the ultimate bachelor pad. The sprawling estate boasts several lavish bars, a DJ station and dance floor, hot tubs, a pizza oven, a wine cellar and even a cigar room. Geiger hosted a number of parties for friends and charities. He once transformed the mansion into a supersized haunted house. Scenes from The Punisher were filmed there in 2003. In the movie, Geiger’s home became the estate of a gangster played by John Travolta.

County officials derailed Geiger’s plans in October 2007 to install a landing pad for helicopters. Geiger decided to sell the grandiose bachelor pad after having a child with his girlfriend in 2007. He wanted a more child-friendly dwelling.

I mean it sounds awesome, but if your Matt Geiger it probably wasn’t the most sound financial planning for the future.  Now that Geiger has a child, reality snapped in.  The house was just recently sold for 8 million dollars, 12 million less than he wanted.  That’s a 60% loss!  Geiger can’t be happy he lost his bachelor lifestyle and good chunk of his NBA earnings in the deal.  Seeing this story brought up memories of a Philadelphia athlete that stole a lot of money and proved himself worth a shit.  Especially during the last time the Sixers were relevant and had a pipe dream’s shot at a championship.  The real estate market took from you what the Sixers wish they could have, cold hard cash.

Philly Sports Daily has the full story…..http://phillysportsdaily.com/sixers/2011/01/11/matt-geigers-florida-mansion-sells-at-deep-discount/



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15 06 2011
Philadunkia » HAPPY 10th

[…] Geiger’s retirement pad in Florida is legendary — Check out this link to see how he pimped out the house.  Well, apparently Geiger sold his mansion in Florida (and the buffalo that roamed the property) […]

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