Ravens Are A Lock

13 01 2011

That’s right, the often abused in the playoffs by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens are a lock this weekend in Pittsburgh.  As a fan with no pony in the race, I’ve switched my attention to Ed Reed and the Ravens.  Ed Reed made national news this week, for happenings off the football field.  Ed Reed’s brother went missing after he jumped into the Mississippi River after being confronted by police about a stolen car (which buy his jumping in the river, he clearly stole).

“My brother, loved football man. He wanna beat Pittsburgh.”

Ed Reed has been away from his team for the past week and he deals with the disappearance of his 29-year-old brother in Louisiana.  Reed flew home immediately following the Ravens demolishing of the Chiefs in Kansas City.  The Ravens have left the decision up to Reed as to his return to the team.  Reed was welcomed back Tuesday and will play this weekend in Piffttsburgh.  Before I even watched this video, I thought the Ravens were due.  Terrell Suggs has referred to this game as the “Civil War.”

Suggs is wearing this t-shirt around Ravens facilities this week

The Ravens have been the little brother in this playoff relationship, constantly getting beat down in the playoffs every year.  Ravens Steelers regular season record has always been around a split, but come playoffs time, the Steelers always win.  This is a better Ravens team than years past.  Anquan Boldin, a more matured and seasoned Joe Flacco and the same defense.  I liked them before this video and now after this video, I love them.  Vegas has the line of Steelers -3, which essentially says this game is a push, minus the home field advantage.  Early week pick, take the Ravens.




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