Thumb Man’s Divisional Picks

15 01 2011

After his debut weekend, Thumb Man went 3-1 and only missed on the Packers Eagles game.  He’s back trying to put money in your pocket.  Let’s see if the Thumb Man’s luck continues.

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Ravens +3.5.  It’s going to be an epic game, best game of the weekend, and the hook is telling me Ravens.  All week it was Ravens -3, now game day they throw the half point hook on there.  That’s telling me Ravens.  These games are always close and even if the Ravens lose, chances are it will be by a field goal, like these games usually are.  Boom! There’s your hook right there, they lose by 3 and you still win.  The thumb thinks that’s irrelevant because the Ravens win OUTRIGHT.

Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons: Falcons -1.  Can that line be right? Can the national media be sucking Green Bay off so hard that it’s swaying Vegas’ lines? Look the Falcons were the best and most complete team in the NFC this year.  They throw, they run, the play defense, they do it all.  The Packers have been playing playoff type games for 4 straight weeks.  The Packers should have lost to the Eagles, they did not dominate them.  The Falcons under Matt Ryan at home are 20-2.  That’s no fluke.  At a minimum the Falcons should be -3, but yet they’re -1?  Take the Falcons and watch the Packers season end. 

Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears: Bears -10.  Let’s be serious, the Seahawks win over the Saints was nice and all but that comes to an end in Chicago.  The Bears are a legitimate football team with a stellar defense.  The Seahawks on first downs last week were able to pick up 6-7 yards a play on first downs against a pitiful Saints defense.  Thus Matt Hasselback was able to avoid 3rd and longs.  That won’t be the case this week.  The Bears defense with Peppers, Urlacher and Briggs will not allow those easy first down yards and then forcing Hasselback into 3rd and longs, a spot where he is vulnerable to INT’s.  Bears won’t put up a ton of points, but enough to cover the 10, because they’re defense wins this game. 

New York Jets @ New England Patriots: Patriots -9.  Here’s a stat for ya.  In recent memory, teams that have beaten a team by 10 or more points in their regular season finale, are 4-0 are against that team in the playoffs.  The Patriots beat the Jets 45-3 in their regular season finale.  Now they find themselves as home 9 point favorites.  The Jets have been in week-long verbal jousting match with the Patriots and minus Wes Welker’s foot press conference have stayed above the fray.  You know Belichick wants to prove it on the field.  Patriots will win this game by 2 TD’s.




One response

17 01 2011

Wow, really could not have been more wrong with 75% of these picks. Who writes this blog? Must be some sort of ri-tard.

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