The Eagles Need This

17 01 2011

Not the player per say, but this attitude.  This passion.  As an ex Eagles great Jeremiah Trotter would say, “a player that has that dawg in him.”  We as fans want the players to have as much passion for their team as we do.  This current Eagles defense doesn’t have that guy that opposing defenses fear.  Brian Dawkins had that, Hugh Douglas had that, Jeremiah Trotter had that.  Trent Cole is a nice player, but under-sized and essentially useless come every playoffs.  His 1.5 sacks in 7 career playoff games proves that.  Terrell Suggs has that dawg in him, and it was never more evident that this past weekend in Pittsburgh, yes his team lost, but from his standpoint he dominated.  3 sacks, 2 tackles for loss and a game changing forced fumble, Suggs in other words brought it.  Trent Cole disappeared.  Suggs had 3 sacks in one game, that would take Cole 14 games to get too at his pace.

One thing I learned by watching football without my Eagles yesterday was that every defense playing, had a dawg guy on defense.  Win or lose, they had that guy.  Patriots have Wilfork. Jets have Scott & Revis to name a few, Bears have Urlacher, Packers have Matthews & Raji, Falcons have John Abraham, Ravens have these scrubs named Ray Lewis & Terrell Suggs and even the fucking Seahawks have players in Totupu, Curry and soon to be stud, Earl Thomas.  The fucking Seahawks have better defensive players than us.  We have “the magician” Trent Cole and “most likely overpaid” Asante Samuel.

Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott was let go over the weekend, freeing up the d-coordinator position.  McDermott is this years scapegoat.  The man deserved one more year.  It wasn’t the schemes that let him down, it was his lack of personnel.  McDermott had the 12th overall regular season defense, with the worst red zone defense in the modern history of the NFL.  WITH NO PLAYERS.  His scheme seemed to work fine against Peyton Manning and the Colts this year.  His halftime adjustments in the Packers game seemed to have worked, holding the Packers to only 7 second half points (halftime adjustments that work are foreign pipe dreams to us Eagles fans).  He showed potential, yes his red zone defense was inept.  The Eagles love undersized players.  This shows through in the red zone, when the battle is won in the trenches, where big men thrive.  Between the 20’s the game is more open, but inside the red zone, it becomes a real trench battle.  When you have undersized DE’s and DT’s not making plays, what do you think will happen?  You expect your undersized 7th round draft pick LB’s to make plays magically?

Hey Andy, we all know you don’t put much emphasis on linebacking play, but here’s an idea, watch this year’s playoffs.  Every team has a proven LB.  Someone opposing QB’s have to think about.  You have NONE of these.  Linebackers are crucial to defense, and you can no longer deny this.




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