Laurence Longstockings Takes Great Mug Shots

19 01 2011

Laurence Maroney ladies & gentlemen

Thanks to Deadspin for the picture.

Laurence Maroney was arrested Tuesday in St. Louis for possession of marijuana and concealed weapon under the influence, Maroney has papers to carry the gun, just not under the influence, in other words he’s a fucking moron.  Here’s the thing I will never understand about athletes and their guns.  You have your entourage, or people who suck at your teet just to be around and ride your coattails.  Why not make them carry your weapons? Is it really that baller to carry your own heat? I think it’s more baller to make your bitch carry your piece.  That’s why they’re there, make them do your dirty work.  Smoking weed couldn’t be less shocking coming from an NFL player, but damn man, make your bitch carry your gun.  Fucking assbag.




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