Thumb Man’s Championship Picks

23 01 2011

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears. Packers -3/-3.5. Thumb Man and his fat head like the home dogs.  Thumb man loves home dogs.  Aaron Rodgers has been in the zone, but the Bears are his match.  He’ll face more pressure from the front 7 defense than he has all playoffs.  With the Bears linebacking play, if they contain Rodgers scrambling the Bears defense should hold true.  Cutler won’t play great, but he’ll play well enough to win the game.  Last time the Thumb Man rolled with a home dog was the Seahawks, and we all know how that ended.

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers -4. Thumb man’s gut is rumbling.  He wants to go with the Jets, he really does, or maybe he just needs a cheesesteak.  Let’s just say he won’t be shocked if the Jets pull this out, but the smart play is on the Steelers at home in a big game with the rapist under center.  The Steelers could become more of a dynasty than the Patriots with another Super Bowl win, but the Steelers will have that chance.  They won’t cover by much and it will be a nail bitter but take the Rapist at home.




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