If You’re A Stripper, Dallas Needs You

29 01 2011

It appears as though Super Bowl weekend is one of the biggest strip club weekends of the year, no matter what city it is hosted in.  This year Dallas is hosting the slut bowl, and are in need of some sluts.  10,000 more of them to be exact.

Actual Ad Taken Out by Dallas Strip Club Owner

Super bowl and strippers, strippers and Super Bowl, they go together like America and freedom.  How are men supposed to travel, get fat and drunk, spend all this money and not have enough whores? This is an American tragedy.  Ladies of the night need to get their asses to Dallas, immediately.  Go make that money girls.  Drunk rich people will be running around everywhere, looking to throw their money at women, and that woman could be you.


Fox News Dallas has the story…..http://www.myfoxdfw.com/dpp/sports/nfl/super_bowl/012711-Dallas-Fort-Worth-Needs-10,000-More-Strippers-for-Super-Bowl



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