Youtube Boobage

2 02 2011

Kevin Garnett is a dirty, dirty player and has been for a long time now.  I hope someone Rudy Tomjonovich’s his ass soon.

Apparently flopping in football is possible, and a penalty.  And a violation against manhood.

Even X Games haters have to be impressed with this….

I agree Tracy, I often “google” myself to Sarah Palin….

Jay Cutler and his torn labia have been on trial now for weeks, it just reminded me of this gem….saying “you know” 57 times in 1 interview!

Feminine odor got you down?

Canadians love chasing beaver….just ask Mike Richards and Jeff Carter.

Midgets vs Camels….in a foot race. Yep.

Best motivational sports scenes all together….

DJ Steve Porter mixes up Super Bowl Media Day.

Sorry for so many, just been a while since I’ve done it and had to unload.




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