Rick DiPietro Gets Pawned

3 02 2011

Is this the worst attempt at a hockey fight ever?  Can DiPietro even show his face in the locker room? What a pussy.

When you start a fight, you have to expect to finish it.  DiPietro came out and leveled Matt Cooke, I can respect that, having watched the Penguins for quite some time, everyone wants to deck Matt Cooke.  Then we got what every hockey fans wants, the infamous goalie fight.  Not nearly as good as a cripple fight, but we’ll take it.  Johnson on the Penguins just came down the ice swinging his dick around and in one punch it was over.  Just pathetic on Ricky’s part.  Man up, be a hockey player for christs sake.




One response

5 02 2011
sammy chon

hey broke his face, and is now going to miss playing time.

what a woos

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