ARod & His Beard

7 02 2011

Ever see a picture where nothing has to be said for the significance of it to set in?  I mean let’s be serious if Cameron Diaz isn’t a beard for Alex Rodriguez, my name is Sally.  If I was a Red Sox right now, I’d already be banking on winning the AL East.  New Yorkers are going to say how cool it is to have Cameron Diaz feeding you shit as you sit in Jerry Jones’ private suite.  Erroneous, it’s so much more than being fed by a Hollywood starlet.  Notice the wrist.  That sums it up for me.  Man up dude.

This was easily the highlight of the “production” work of the show.  The game was very good, just not as great as the past three have been.  Christiana Aguilera singing the National Anthem was a fucking travesty.  What an embarrassment, how does someone just skip an entire verse of the National Anthem?  The halftime show was just a joke, I wanted to change the channel but when a train wreck is happening on television, it’s hard to look away.  It was so bad that it was enjoyable.  But seriously the Black Eye Peas caused irreparable damage to their musical careers with that performance.

You’re welcome….




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