John Daly Confirms Golfers Have The Best Life

9 02 2011

I have always thought that golfers and tennis players have the best jobs in the world.  Traveling to exotic places, you obviously never play in the cold with these sports and getting paid exuberant amounts of money to play a game that you love.  A gentleman’s game.  No contact, you can play forever and make a ton of money while doing it.  And you can watch TV while you’re doing it….if you’re John Daly.

In a lot of ways John Daly is Al Czervik and Al Czervik is John Daly.  This TV in the golf bag just confirms this.  ” I now know why tigers eat their young!”

John Daly is like a tornado flying around the world, leaving a whirl wind of cigarette butts, beer cans and pregnant woman in his wake and making a lot of money while doing it.  Name me a better job.



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