Knicks Violation. Carmelo Is From Baltimore

26 02 2011

This shit is driving me insane.  Just more misguided New Yorkers claiming something that isn’t theirs.  The Knicks have been mouth pumping this entire “Carmelo Coming Home” campaign since acquiring the guy.  It was a sick deal for them, there’s no denying that.  But stop telling me he’s from New York.  He lived in Brooklyn until about age seven.  He grew up in Baltimore, let’s stop this nonsense.

Let’s face it, years 1-4 in life, you don’t remember shit.  Seriously, who remembers their baby years? No one.  That gives Carmelo maybe 2-3 years of remembrance from Brooklyn.  Ok, I’ll concede that.  Then his family moved to the west side of Baltimore, in fact one of the neighborhoods portrayed in the greatest television show ever….The Wire.   The man’s formidable years were spent in Baltimore, let’s be serious.  He saw murders there, there were drug dealings there, Carmelo as we know him was shaped in Baltimore.  Ages seven-seventeen were spent in that dump of Baltimore. He was made a man there.

Relax New York.  Jordan was technically born in Brooklyn, but moved back to North Carolina as soon as his family realized he was born in that epicenter of filth.  You gonna start claiming Jordan as a New Yorker now too? Stop this before it gets out of hand. Carmelo “back home to New York” is a total farce and makes me sick to my stomach.  He can give you all the quotes you want about being from there, still doesn’t make it true.  Fuck.




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