Tracy McGrady Is A Douchebag

26 02 2011

Mutiny on the ship! Someone must go!  Yesterday, the Detroit Pistons and their .350 winning percentage came into town to take on the surging Sixers, yes you read that right, SURGING Sixers.  During morning shoot-around that day in Philly, 5 Pistons players protested head coach John Keuster and skipped practice.  Led by veterans Tracy McGrady, Richard Hamilton, Ben Wallace, Tayshaun Prince and Chris Wilcox, they tried to establish a team boycott, but the others did not follow.

Kuester put his foot down and benched all the players that missed morning practice.  The Sixers were -10.5 for the game and were a LOCK.  Whenever a team is trying to destroy itself, don’t get in the way, just take the other side and ride the gravy train.

Right before halftime John Kuester stormed the court to argue with refs over a call and after receiving his second technical of the night, was ejected from the game.  On his way off the court, cameras pan to the five benched players and you can clearly see McGrady and Ben Wallace cracking a joke and all five players laughing like bastards.  That’s exactly what they are, bastards.  You’re a god damn professional.  Act like one.  Boo hoo, you don’t like your boss? Too fucking bad, no one does.

Most Pistons wanted to execute this mutiny before the All-Star break but assumed Kuester was being fired over the break.  When he was not, players got sand in their vagina’s again and decided to do it in Philadelphia.   If you don’t like your coach, handle it like a damn professional behind closed doors, with the GM.  Now you’ve forced Joe Dumar’s hand in this matter and unfortunately for Mr. Kuester will probably end in his termination.  Just another example of spoiled athletes acting like god damn babies.  Led by team cancer Tracy McGrady, this I know.  My gut told me.  Whadda douche.

Hey Tracy, NEWS FLASH BRO.  You suck, you stole an exorbitant amount of money from the league for the past 5 years, like 20 million a year.  The Pistons were stupid or kind enough to give you another pathetic year on your career and this is how you repay them? Just be thankful you’re collecting a fucking check.

Determine for yourself below.




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