The Dunk Contest Was Rigged? No Shit

28 02 2011

Going into the dunk contest everyone knew it was Griffin’s tournament to lose.  The media have been going down on Griffin the entire season, and rightfully so, the man is the closest thing to the reincarnation of the “human highlight film” as I’ve seen.  After watching the first round and many, many missed dunk attempts, I began to think Griffin shouldn’t even advance to the next round.  His dunks were good, but Demar Derozen’s and JaVale McGee’s were better.  But guess who won, Griffin.  Shocking right? My buddies and I walked away and we all had the same thought at once, “that was the most rigged sporting event I’ve ever seen.”  Well turns out our gut was right….(biggest non news/news story in the past decade)

Blake Griffin COULDN’T lose Slam Dunk contest?

Clippers star Blake Griffin is on such a roll that he won the Slam Dunk contest ahead of participating. The NBA sent out a press release BEFORE the contest started announcing that Griffin was the winner.

The NBA sent out an itinerary for the NBA All-Star Jam Session presented by Adidas on Sunday Feb. 20  It ran down the highlights of the day.

In this official media advisory it listed the “KROQ BLAKE GRIFFIN SHOWCASE” from  1:20 pm to 2:00 pm with the following description: “Five middle school students will showcase their dunking talents in front of 2011 NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest winner Blake Griffin.”

Nothing wrong with this right? Except for the fact that the release was sent via email at 5:28 pm PST on Saturday Feb. 19, over an hour before the Slam Dunk contest’s scheduled 6:30 pm PST start.

– Subway spent a reported $3 million in a Blake Griffin media campaign All-Star weekend. ZERO was obviously spent on JaVale McGee of the Wizards.

– NBA officials forced Blake Griffin to use a Kia, the official car sponsor of the league, rather than a higher end car he wanted to use for his final dunk. This product placement paid off in a commercial and possible endorsement deal for Griffin.

– Nike had an entire marketing planned around Blake Griffin winning the dunk contest. They began to reveal the plan this week for the Nike Hyperdunk 2011 10.0 for Blake Griffin.

Find the full story here……



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