Werth Is Just Kissing His Bosses Ass, Ain’t No Thang

28 02 2011

Here in Philadelphia, we are defensive about “our” guys.  Kobe was from here and all it took was a simple “I want to cut their hearts out” comment about beating the Sixers for many of the city’s faithful to turn on him.  Jayson Werth recently was quoted as saying he hates the Phillies.  Jayson Werth USED to be our guy.  It’s not real hate people, it’s jealousy….and all whilst tonguing his bosses ass at the same time.

Earlier in the week, Werth was stirring the pot by saying the Phillies jumped the gun with the Lee signing, saying the team could have had both Lee and himself.   From a Nationals perspective, the team could not have been pleased.  They gave the man a 126 million dollars.  They built the team AROUND him.  They want him to lead the team.  How does he repay them?  By essentially saying he misses Philadelphia. Not good.

So how does Werth get back on his bosses’ good side? By kissing serious ass.  Thomas Boswell, a well-known author for the Washington Post, recently ran with a story about the Nationals attitude towards the Phillies and their “dirty” style of play.

“Once Werth got back behind the cage, Rizzo said, “I hate the [expletive] Phillies.” The GM then ran off a list of borderline dirty plays and purpose pitches in recent years by the Nats’ nemesis. “I hate the Phillies, too,” said Werth.”

Now context is something that doesn’t translate well to print.  Werth most likely said it in tongue in cheek, “Yes BOSS! whatever you think, I think!”  This is something that will make many fans turn on Werth, when in fact they shouldn’t.  Many will call him a villain now.  He has a ring here.  He was our guy.  He plays for a divisional rival now, what did you expect?

Story here…..http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2011/02/26/AR2011022603376_2.html?hpid=moreheadlines&sid=ST2011022700145





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