I Didn’t Think I Could Love Roy Halladay More…

3 03 2011

Until now.  One of the things that makes Halladay such a dominant pitcher is his attitude, all business, all the time.  Straight cash homey.  After his first full season in Philly we rarely got a glimpse of the “off the field” Halladay.  In other words we all thought he was stiff.  Apparently not.  He straight murdered this commercial.  Winning all over the place.  Funny as shit.  The real question is, where can I get that chooch pillow? I’d love to have that guy watching over me as I channel surf.  Lil chooch would be shaking off the girlfriend trying to watch the red carpet at the Oscars all night long.




One response

25 05 2011

I just found that commercial on-line the other day! I loved it so much I posted it all over the place! You are right; he straight murdered that commercial!

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