Crying Like A Bosh

4 03 2011

C’mon Bro, Seriously?

Chris Bosh until this season was hidden from the world while in Toronto.  When you jump ship and join the “Big Three” in Miami, the media attention is going to escalate to say the least.  Bosh has always been a little soft for a “big” man in the NBA.  Shaquille O’Neal once called him the RuPaul of the NBA.  Ouch.

Last night the Miami Heat blew a 24 point lead in the second half to the in state rival the Orlando Magic.  Apparently a regular season loss is too much for Bosh to handle because he straight broke down and sobbed in front of the media in the post-game press conference.  Ouch again.  Someone tell the man it’s just a regular season game.  Maybe next time you don’t go 5-15 from the field and your Avatar ass won’t have to cry in front of the media….and the nation.



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