Lee & Oswalt’s Redneck Bromance

4 03 2011

You know you’re a redneck if…you pitch for the Phillies, and dominate.  Cliff Lee & Roy Oswalt’s relationship dates back to 2003 when Lee was an unknown pitcher and both pitchers were in Philadelphia for surgery, at the same time.

Lee and Oswalt’s first meeting came in the waiting room of a Philly hospital all drugged up on anesthesia.  Oswalt said the two talked for an hour or two.  Since convening in Clearwater on the same team, the two have hit it off.

“I knew he was from Mississippi, and I knew he was a redneck, so I figured I’d get along with him,” Lee said.

Boom.  That easy.  He’s a redneck, I’m a redneck, let’s be best friends.  Both rednecks love the Southern lifestyle of hunting, fishing and all things outdoors.  The two have even been fishing during down time while in Florida.  Last time out Oswalt caught 40 large mouth bass. 40! Dude’s got a second career on the Pro Bass Tour.  He said the two have been neck and neck in bass totals but gives the overall edge to Lee. Side note: how come whenever I go fishing I always catch the cliche trash? Oh yeah, I’m not a redneck, apparently they have the touch.

“He’s been doing pretty well the last few times we went, but it’s pretty close,” Oswalt said.

Did they just become best friends? Yep.  “Favorite non pornographic magazine to masturbate too? Good Housekeeping!

For the full story check out the link….http://blogs.delawareonline.com/philledin/2011/03/02/oswalt-lee-go-way-back/





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4 03 2011
Dahjester Design

Hmmmm….This graphic above looks ALOT like a design I posted 3 months ago to another blog. Great minds think alike or….



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