On May 29, 2010 Carlos Ruiz Had A Great Day

4 03 2011

Most Phillies fans might remember May 29th of last year as the day Roy Halladay dick slapped the Marlins and reached baseball perfection.  A perfect game.  Roy Halladay went out of his way to praise Carlos Ruiz and his game calling that day.  The catcher-pitcher relationship is a special one in sports and Halladay could not have done that if he was not on the same page as Mr. Ruiz.  Had to be one of the best professional days for Carlos’ and Roy’s careers.  How did Carlos celebrate, by impregnating his wife of course.

Well sort of. Yesterday Carlos Ruiz left Clearwater to head home to Panama so he could be there for the birth of his second son.  Carlos Jr. was delivered a healthy chooch like baby boy and for the record Ruiz’s second baby Carlos.  He now has Carlos and Carlos Jr.  George Foreman?

The interesting point of note in this story is that Carlos Jr was delivered EXACTLY 9 months to the day of Halladay’s perfect game.  Coincidence? Probably.  But is it out of the question that Chooch wanted to “celebrate” after reaching a professional milestone? No.  Let’s hope Chooch Jr. is ready to hit the Phillies farm system in 15 years.  Like a boss.

Want to know how boss Carlos Ruiz is? He has 6 phone numbers.  6! According to Roy Halladay that is, he couldn’t even get a hold of him when he was looking for his approval to shoot Halladay’s new MLB 2K11 commercial.  To use the Chooch’s picture Carlos had to approve it and finally the MLB Players Association was finally able to locate him.

“I couldn’t get ahold of (Ruiz),” Halladay said. “He’s got like six phone numbers. I guess finally through the players’ union they got a hold of him. They obviously had to get his OK to do it. They got his approval and went from there.”

That’s boss.

Thanks to Crossing Broad for the quote….http://www.crossingbroad.com/2011/03/doc-talks-about-his-commercial-shoot.html




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