The Sixers Are For Real

12 03 2011

The end result is greater than the sums of the pieces.  That’s what Doug Collins does.  Makes you believe in the team.  What Gordon Bombay was to the Might Ducks, Doug Collins is to the Sixers.

The Sixers handled the great Boston Celtics last night 89-86, holding one of the better shooting teams in the league to 42% from the field.  When playing the Celtics, if Nenad Krstic if their leading scorer, you’ve done a great job defensively, and that’s what Doug Collins does, preaches defense and hard work.   This formula on any level of basketball will produce positive results, but the team has to buy into it and bust their asses for it too actually come to fruition.  That’s what the Sixers are doing, playing stronger defense than they have in the past and hustling.  Jesus Shuttlesworth aka Ray Allen, one of the leagues best shooters ever was held to 2-11 from the field.  Crazy thought for an NBA team, actually hustling and playing defense.  Take notes LeFraud.

“We definitely feel like we’re growing into one of the better teams in the East,” Brand said.

Elton Brand, the over paid non super-star, quality player is buying into the hype.   The attendance doesn’t show it but the city is starting to have some faith in the Sixers again.  Last night was a sell out thanks to many Celtics frauds in the area.  The Sixers even posted a sign after the game…”The Sixers would like to thank the Celtic fans for coming out tonight.  Come back and enjoy another loss in the playoffs” on the jumbotron.

It’s a shame for Doug Collins that Tom Thibodeau is dominating in Chicago, but the Coach of the Year should come down to these two.  Collins inherited basically the same pitiful team as last year and has flipped it into a winning team.  The real miracle is that he seems to have actually gotten through to Andre Igoudala.   Looking at Igoudala’s stat lines lately, most Sixers fans wouldn’t recognize them.   He’s become a team player.  Nearing triple doubles consistently.  Most importantly, NOT SHOOTING THREE POINTERS CONSTANTLY!  Last night he had 13 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists.  A complete night on the floor.  Putting the team ahead of his own personal needs.  Maybe it’s because he already has his contract and isn’t playing for stats, but maybe it’s Doug Collins’ doing.  Either way the Sixers are going to be a tough first round matchup for any team, let’s hope they get the Heat.



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