The Beers Will Be Better In Clearwater

17 03 2011

I write this as heading out the door, en route to Clearwater, Florida.  I am the best man in my cousin’s upcoming wedding this summer.  This weekend happens to be the bachelor party.  The excitement level is that of a grade school-er finding his first vagina on the internet.  Couldn’t be more excited.  Popping my spring training cherry, as my cousin and I have always talked of going south to watch the Phils and when a destination for the bachelor party came up, we decided what’s better than baseball heaven on a St Patty’s weekend…..nothing really.  Anyway, literally on my way out the door to Hoboken, I come across a video that simply made me smile.  Baseball heaven and Mos Venus await me and the icing on the cake was this video. It’s tough to blog while intoxicated, so don’t expect much from me this weekend, but enjoy this Mets video, which appears to be begging people to attend games while the Phillies have already sold 3.5 million tickets.  I think college interns made this video….

Thanks to Crossing Broad for giving me this present….


Two more things that make me happy.

1.  (I know it’s old, but it was germane.)

2. (It’s best when you put her on mute.)


Have a great weekend.




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