Settle In With Gus Tonight

24 03 2011

Tonight the “Sweet 16” begins and one of the beauties of March Madness is hearing Gus Johnson call the games.   What if Gus had the chance too call some of our lifetime’s great achievements?  We would live in a Utopian society, that’s for sure.  Recently the great people over at funny or die put together Gus Johnson calling historical events.  It’s as amazing as you think it is.



Here are the Sweet 16’s crews….(is Gus Johnson a Butler good luck charm?)



Jim Nantz/Clark Kellogg//Tracy Wolfson

Marv Albert/Steve Kerr//Craig Sager

Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery//Lesley Visser

Gus Johnson/Len Elmore/Reggie Miller//Marty Snider

Thursday, March 24

7:15PM           CBS              Anaheim I           (2) San Diego St. vs. (3) UCONN Lundquist/Raftery//Visser

7:27PM           TBS               New Orleans I    (2) Florida vs. (3) BYU Johnson/Elmore/Miller//Snider

9:45PM           CBS           `  Anaheim II        (1) Duke vs. (5) Arizona Lundquist/Raftery//Visser

9:57PM            TBS              New Orleans II  (4) Wisconsin vs. (8) Butler Johnson/Elmore/Miller//Snider

Friday, March 25

7:15PM            CBS             Newark I             (2) UNC vs. (11) Marquette Nantz/Kellogg//Wolfson

7:27PM            TBS              San Antonio I      (1) Kansas vs. (12) Richmond Albert/Kerr//Sager

9:45PM            CBS              Newark II           (1) Ohio State vs. (4) Kentucky Nantz/Kellogg//Wolfson

9:57PM            TBS              San Antonio II     (10) Florida State vs. (11) VCU Albert/Kerr//Sager




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