Lidge To Start Year On DL

25 03 2011

Expect Lidge to be put on the DL in the next couple days as he is scheduled to have an MRI on his arm next Monday when he returns to Philadelphia.  It was originally diagnosed as biceps tendonitis, but now appears to be something else, shoulder soreness.  Hence the MRI Monday.  Reuben Amaro Jr says he expects Lidge to start the year on the DL.  Great.

This begs the question we all do not want to face, is Lidge’s career over?  The past 3 seasons have all been tarnished or affected by injuries, most to his pitching arm and once to his “push-off” leg.  These are major concerns for a pitcher, especially an aging pitcher.  All these signs do not portray a positive outcome for the rest of Lidge’s career.  Well, on a brighter note, at least his contract comes off the books after this season.

Now this isn’t to say his career is over, I just don’t feel optimistic that he can bounce back to his 58 for 58 days, I.E. why the Phillies won the World Series.  As we’ve learned, the recipe for playoff success is a strong bullpen.  Let’s hope this is just Lidge kicking the rust off the ol’ throwing arm.  Got to be honest, Ryan Madson as a closer terrifies me.




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