Calipari Took Kerry Kittles Over Kobe? Good Call Bro

26 03 2011

The reason, because Kobe was too impressive?  Calipari was straight pawned by Kobe’s agent Arn Tellem.  Calipari, while coach of the New Jersey Nets brought in then high school graduate Kobe Bryant for four workouts because he almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  The kid was that impressive.  Handling college seniors with ease during workouts.  The story came about from Yahoo! Sports because Calipari and his Kentucky Wildcats are playing in Newark this weekend in the Sweet 16, his old stomping grounds with the Nets, the team that passed on Kobe.  More on Calipari’s Sweet 16 arrogance later.

Kobe was a high-profile athlete at the time, being the first high school student to jump to the NBA since Moses Malone.  With that type of notoriety comes a lot of pressure, big money pressure.  Kobe had big time sports agent Arn Tellem in his corner, along with the Adidas sneaker company.  Arn/Adidas knowing that they could generate more Kobe revenue out in LA, threatened the Nets who they knew wanted Kobe (because of the four workouts), that if Kobe was drafted by the Nets would boycott the selection and opt to play in Italy, where Kobe spent some of his youth.

It was a false threat, except Calipari couldn’t call the bluff.  The Nets selected Kerry Kittles with the 8th overall pick, Kerry ended up having bad knees and a productive 8 year career, but certainly no Kobe Bryant career.  The Lakers had worked out a trade with the Hornets who selected Braynt with the 13th pick, the Lakers would send the Hornets Vlade Divac in exchange for the high school phenom.  Calipari gives you the typical, I don’t regret the decision, or the firing that followed shortly after.  How could you not be kicking yourself in the dick after putting that stamp on your career resume?  It’s no Sam Bowie, but it’s damn close.

Yahoo! Sports has the full story here….

Onto recent Calipari douchiness comes after last night’s buzz beater against Ohio St., a game to send his team into the Elite 8.  Ohio St’s Jon Diebler hit a three to tie the game with 7 seconds left.  Apparently the reason they won the game was not Brandon Knight’s incredible game winning shot with two seconds left, it was Calipari’s decision NOT to call a timeout….

“How bout, he don’t make a shot, he makes one three, and I still have all the faith in him that he’s going to make that play. I don’t want to call a timeout and give them a chance to switch. We know what we’re doing — we do it in practice every day. So I like to go home with timeouts.” -Calipari

Great call you douchenozzle.  It was all you.  It had nothing to do with the kid.  How about you give him all the credit.  Look he goes down the court and missed the shot then you’re getting your ass ripped for not calling a timeout.  It’s a double-edged sword and lets face it, you got lucky BECAUSE Brand Knight has a double order of onions.  Stop smelling your own farts John.  I’m pulling for North Carolina now.



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