Cheesesteaks First Book Review: Wait We Can Read?

29 03 2011

Apparently we can read.

SCORECASTING – The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports are Played and Games are Won

by Tobias J. Moskowitz and L. Jon Wertheim

Guest Post written by Whiskey Pickle (Sir Whiskey Pickle may be joining us from time to time)

Do you find yourself in frequent sports arguments? Are you often so frustrated with the idiot you’re arguing with that you wonder which bone in their body you can break easiest rather than continuing to listen to their incessant nonsense? Do you think A-Rod is a queer?


For real, this is the best sports book written in recent memory. Why? Because in the day and age when every asshole thinks that they’re a statistical professor because they play fantasy sports and quote the Bill James Handbook ad nauseam, this book feeds the educated sports fan with the relevant meaning behind all of these recently created BS stats and how they effect you AS A FAN. Reading this book will give you a slightly altered version of watching most of the popular sports on TV (yes, even Bowling and Billiards). Its kind of like watching a game from the luxury box for the first time, you’re going to see every sport from a different perspective. Whether or not you agree with what these guys have written, there’s one thing you can’t do, ignore the facts. Numbers don’t lie and these two sports fans/eggheads have really backed their book up.

Ever wondered how much .001 in a batting average is worth in a player’s annual salary? Would $1,000,000 surprise you?

Ever argued who you’d rather have on your team, Dwight Howard or Tim Duncan? Not your fantasy team, your HOMETEAM.

Remember when your coach used to tell you that Defense wins Championships? That’s a crock of shit…

And the best question answered is why Dominican Baseball players are more likely to get busted with ROIDS and American players are more likely to get busted with WEED.

Other issues tackled are as follows: Why the Rooney Rule is actually working, Beer prices at Wrigley Field, the effectiveness of Icing a Kicker, Why Bill Bellicheck is a smacked ass & why Andy Reid is next in line.

Seriously, READ THIS BOOK. Even if you read a chapter at a time on the toilet, you will find you’re a better fan for it.



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