That’s Quite A Big Tweet You Got There

6 04 2011

That’s quite a big statement to throw out there, but I guess when the source is unnamed you can pretty much say whatever you want without repercussions.   It’s 4 games into the season for most teams, pretty early to be throwing around statements like that.  The HR pace isn’t even far ahead of previous years.  It’s around 2.2 HR’s a game as compared to about 2.1 last year, stats that hardly backs up the ball juicing claim.

Hey conspiracy theorist, ever think that’s its fucking cold outside? A lot of these opening games were played in the NE, where it was in the 40’s all weekend.  When it’s cold, the ball shrinks and appears harder.  That’s fucking science my man, things condense is cold temperatures.  Let’s wait until the weather warms and see how hard the balls are tough guy.




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