NBA Playoffs Have Been Great Thus Far

20 04 2011

Did I just say that? Yes.  Shockingly yes.  This is the best product that the NBA has had on the floor since the 90’s.  Part of that reason, is that the games although on paper seem to be one-sided, are not on the final score sheet.  Nuggets are hanging in games, Knicks could’ve stolen two from the Celtics, Hornets upset the Lakers, and the Sixers, well they are getting embarrassed by the Heat.  The Heat are another reason TV viewership may be up.  People love to hate.  It’s inside all of us to be a little hateful.

The NBA finally has their unanimous villain….the Miami Heat.  It’s a weird phenomenon, I love Dwayne Wade as a player but hate the shit out of LeBron and that Avatar that round out the “Big 3”.  The entire country was pulling for the Sixers, especially Cleveland, unfortunately the Sixers don’t exactly belong on the same court as the Heat, but that doesn’t stop the hate!

Aside from the soon to be sweep from the Heat, the rest of the league has proved extremely entertaining.  Ratings are elevated around the country.  Part of that reason, aside from great competition, is the amount of likeable superstars the league has.  Kobe & LeBron, love or hate, are still the 2 most well-known players, both of which can be assholes.  But the “likeable” superstars far outweigh the hated ones.  Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Danny Granger, Joe Johnson, Dwight Howard, Amare & Carmelo, LeMarcus Aldridge and Dirk Nowitzki are all reasons why the NBA ratings are up.

The Heat right now are rolling, I expect the Heat and Bulls to square off in the Eastern Conference Finals, which should make for an EPIC conference championship.  Out in the West, I expect the Lakers to finally stumble, and the Mavericks will face off against the Spurs in the conference finals (given the Ginobili comes back soon).  Either way the rest of the playoffs will make for some great basketball, something the league has been missing lately.



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