Ray Lewis Found His Post Football Career

21 04 2011

Motivational speaker.  He most likely motivation-ally spoke himself right out of those murder charges, RIMSHOT!  But hey, people change.  When I encountered this video, I thought to myself….”shit, 8 minutes!” figuring I would only watch a minute or so.  I watched the entire eight minutes.  Dude can motivate men.  I was fortunate enough in my life to be on the outskirts of a Ray Lewis pregame huddle with the Ravens (my jobs often are fantastic).  Inspiring shit.  He had that team ready to play some smash-mouth football.  The thing I remember the most from it, was the eyes, the most intense, focused and determined eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.  He was looking into his teammates souls, to see if they were man enough to go to battle with him.  As cliche-y (so what, I make up words) as that last sentence sounded, it was true.

Ray Lewis is a motivator.  Whatever it was in his life (probably escaping murder charges) that made him click, made the man determined to dominate life.  People pay good money for motivational speakers.  Ray Lewis is going to make a lot of money post football. After watching this, I really hope I don’t snooze on my alarm clock 12 times like I do every morning.



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