The Mets Are Laughable

22 04 2011

Not to kick a team when they’re down, but it’s the Mets, so I’ll just curb them instead.

BAHAHAHA.  The Mets last night actually wore their spring training uniforms, wait for it… try and recapture some of the spring training success they had!!  Yes those spring training games, where the pitchers work on stuff, where minor league players play half the games, and where generally players don’t give a shit between wins and losses.  But the Mets need to find that magic again.  Got to be kidding me right.  They know those games are meaningless and their success wasn’t actually real right?  Please tell me someone in that organization actually recognizes this fact? (they won, BUT they were playing the Astros)

Alas, there is one level-headed member of the Mets.  Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey has this to say…

“We can’t just keep telling ourselves, ‘Oh, we’re a better team than this.’ We may not be. And we’ve got to be honest about that, and identify what we’re doing wrong, and do it better. That’s the only way you have any real growth.” (Hardball Talk)

Thank you Dickey.  Shut those long island assholes up.  How insane is it that R.A. Dickface is the best pitcher on the Mets.  I want to have a great rivalry with the Mets and their putrid fans, but when it’s a one sided rivalry, it’s not really a rivalry at all.




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