I Don’t Believe It!

23 04 2011

I didn’t know hobbits masturbated.

I know, I know, can’t judge a book by its cover.  But there is no way this fine classy citizen is the man they are reporting that was jerking off in the 4th floor of a University of Virginia library.  Can’t be. I’m sure he has a great alibi, like he has assisting the elderly or doing community service.

He was reportedly looking at internet porn which is surprising on two counts….1) that this man knows how to use the internet and 2) that this man took away time from his hectic dating life to go to the UVA library and jerk off, why wouldn’t he just have one of his many ladies do the dirty work for him.  I don’t buy it.  People and police just hatin’ because he’s beautiful.  Jealousy.  Stop hating people.




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