Total Sportsgasm Yesterday

25 04 2011

Assume the position Gaustad, while we run the train on your hopes and dreams.

You know it’s a great day when Roy Halladay’s 14 strikeout performance is third on the list….

This Flyers team might just be one of the most resilient teams we’ve seen in Philadelphia history.  3 goal deficits are nothing for this team.  Two games in a row (only 1 win) the team has been able to crawl out of 3-0 games and force OT.  This team much like the Phillies we’ve come to know, are NEVER out of a game.  That being said, I think coach Peter Laviolette made a huge mistake yesterday in starting Michael Leighton.  For some unknown reason Coach Lavs loves him some Leighton.  Boucher granted was miserable in Game 5 allowing 3 goals (1 was a power-play goal) that should have never happened, regardless, he was brilliant in games 3 & 4.  Brilliant enough that it should have been a no brainer to start him in-game 6.  Almost cost them.  Regardless Boucher is starting game 7 at home.  Of course it’s a possibility that the Flyers could lose this game….but I DOUBT IT.

The Sixers, well not much to say here besides it’s nice not to be swept.  Sage Steele (who I fucking love) just had this recent tweet…

#Heat don’t wanna hear abt inability to closeout tight gms but #’s are ugly: 1-for-19 shooting when down 3 or less w 10 sec to play. ouch.

Not saying anything about Sixers making this a series, just getting some Heat hate out-of-the-way.  Sixers will probably lose the next game, but winning on a last second shot in the playoffs is always exciting.

Then to the Doc.  I mean this was as predictable as taxes.  Doc vs the anemic Padres lineup.  Tied a career high with 14 K’s, just mowed through the order.  Shane the Stain hitting inside the park HR’s, four game sweeps.  Dom Brown and Utley progressing with their rehabs.  Contreras goes to the DL, but who needs a bullpen with this rotation? All is good in Phillies nation.  Now the team heads to Phoenix and get a load of these laugh-able pitching matchups.  Another sweep is on the horizon…..

Cliff Lee vs. Ian Kennedy (2-1, 5.64 ERA)

Roy Oswalt vs. Orlando Hudson (0-4, 5.92 ERA)

Cole Hamels vs. Joe Saunders (0-2, 4.98 ERA) (he’s their ace, HA!) just came out with their new power rankings…..shockingly the Phillies are #1. NBD.  Hark! Hark!

Oh yeah, the NFL Draft is Thursday night.  Look for the Eagles to get Colorado CB Jimmy Smith, Florida center Mike Pouncey or Wisconsin OG Gabe Karimi.  Smith due to off the field issues is a top 15 talent but will drop due to over evaluations.  If he is there, they’ll take him.  If not look for them to fix up the right side of the line.  Great sports week.  Root em IN!




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