A 26 Year Old Rookie OG Canadian Firefighter….Yep, That’s About Right

29 04 2011

My sarcasm wasn’t intended to mock the man’s talents, but I just feel as though we had much more severe needs on the defensive side of the ball.  Of course this chapter won’t be over until the Kevin Kolb trade fiasco is finished, just can’t say that I’m overly optimistic the Eagles have this trade in place for secondary help.  Cardinals want Kolb, we want Patrick Peterson….make it happen.

A lot of experts believe Watkins is one of the safer picks in the draft.  Ray Didinger, the preeminent football writer in town really likes the pick, feels as though Watkins’ versatility will really sure up the right side of the Eagles.  Goodbye Max Jean-Gilles! You and your lap band surgery can go play for the Cowboys for all I care.  I love the firefighter aspect of things, this guy won’t be scared of shit out there on the field.  He’s had life & death experiences on a daily basis and taking the football field against the Giants certainly won’t phase him.

“I like putting people in the dirt and letting them know who put them there” –Danny Watkins (LOVE THAT MEAT-HEAD MENTALITY)

The other aspect of his biography that I’m a fan of is the hockey player/rugby player upbringing he had.  He’s gonna be one tough bastard.  Rugby players are no joke, it’s football without the pads, and you really learn how to hit people.  Not to mention is 6’4 310 lb frame.  Gonna wreck people’s shit out there.   Another expert had one of the more promising scouting reports out there, Rich Gossling, a Dallas Morning Star reporter who is one of the best football writers in the country had this to say….

“Watkins is the safest pick in the entire draft – the one player you can confidently say will be in the Pro Bowl in 2012. He’s the best guard on the board, and some NFL teams were looking at him as both a center and tackle.”

Not bad at all.  I do believe that Watkins can easily be a Pro Bowl guard/tackle.  The only problem is that at age 26, things will be expected of him immediately.  There won’t be that typical rookie learning curve that most players are accustomed too.  Let’s hope he’s starting the first game of the year next year.


The Giants got a fucking steal at pick #20 with Prince Amukamara.  The guy is most likely a top 10 talent that fell all the way into the Giants lap.  Not to mention the greatest entourage to ever grace the stage of draft night.  Check out this African swagger….

Prince’s parents are Nigerian, and his father is actually a chief so that’s how Prince got his name. He has five sisters whose names are Princess, Precious, Promise, Peace and Passionate, and his mother was actually a sprinter in the ’84 Olympic Games. Just check out the sweet hat his mother was rocking! Awesome story and someone the Eagles will be throwing on for years to come.  Not mention his sisters are fucking hot!

The Falcons traded WAAAAYYYYY too much for Alabama WR Julio Jones.  No doubt their offense just became more dynamic but….Atlanta gave up the 27th overall pick, their second and fourth-round pick this year, and their first and fourth-round picks in 2012 just to move up to the sixth spot! That’s a lot of picks for a team that was the #1 seed in the NFC Playoffs last year.  Falcons just pushed their chips all in.

Quarterback crazy draft.  The Vegas line for quarterbacks taken in the first round was 3.5, which was pretty much covered by the 10th pick.  Jake Locker going 8th was the real shocker of the draft, no one thought he was a top 10 pick.  Also Christian Ponder going 12th was also a bit shocking considering most “experts” had TCU’s Ginger QB Andy Dalton rated higher than Ponder.  Crazy amount of QB’s were taken with higher picks than anticipated, thus allowing a lot of top talent to fall into the 20’s.  DaQuan Bowers, formerly the #1 overall projected pick fell all the way out of the first round!

The Chicago Bears with their first round selection choose “The Jewish Hammer” Gabe Carimi, OT from Wisconsin.  Since the Bears have the biggest pussy QB in the league, getting some protection for him is probably a good idea.  Pussy whipped Cutler’s girlfriend Kristen Cavallari was a big fan of the pick. Yay for irrelevant women chiming in on the NFL Draft.

Another tweet last night that caught my eye was that of Saints RB Reggie Bush, after the Saints selected Alabama RB Mark Ingram.  Didn’t seem to confident about his job security after that selection.  Reggie, we’ll take you with open arms in Philly bro….

Roger Goodell was booed.  Booed hard.  And rightfully so after writing this piece for the Wall St. Journal last week.  Look, Roger we just want football back.  Anything else is horseshit.  Just give us some damn football,  you already fucked the Eagles out of trading Kolb on draft day.  Just end this petty bullshit.  Brilliant move on his part to take a moment of silence for the people of the South, taking the attention away from being booed. His piece here……(http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704132204576285090526726626.html)

Best fan at the draft easily goes to this guy….




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