Baby Thor Is An Eagle!

30 04 2011

Love this pick.  2010 Defensive Player of the Year winner, Clay Matthews, little brother Casey was just selected by the Eagles in the 4th Rd.  Casey was a standout linebacker last season at the University of  Oregon, where he played in the national championship game.

Clay is 6’2 255 lbs, and little brother Casey is 6’2 235 lbs.  Only 20 lbs smaller than his brother who turned out to be one of the most dominant defensive players in the league last year.  Only 20 pounds smaller than big brother, and with NFL trainers working with him, the possibility of putting on weight.

Another thing to love about this pick is the blood lines that Casey comes from.  His father had a 19 year NFL career, his brother was defensive player of the year last year, his uncle Bruce Matthews is a Hall of Fame offensive linemen, his grandfather played in the league and his cousin is a center on the Tennessee Titans.  Impressive family football history.  Sometimes you gotta take the bloodline over the potential. His football IQ is high as Casey is one of those players that always seem to be in the right spot at the right time, just a pure ball hawk in every sense of the word.  I love this pick.

To recap….

1st Round OG Danny Watkins from Baylor University

2nd Round Safety Jaiquawn Jarrett from Temple University

3rd Round RB turned CB Curtis Marsh from Utah State University (worst pick, project player)

4th Round LB Casey Matthews from Oregon University

4th Round K Alex Henery from Nebraska University (best kicker in the draft)




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