America! Fuck Yeah!

9 05 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I was busy working the Kentucky Derby for a lovely week in Louisville.  The Derby was always on my sports bucket list and what better way to attend it then getting paid to do so.  If anyone ever has the chance to attend it, DO IT.  Great time was had, many beautiful women and their floppy hats were eye-molested, mint juleps were drunk, although not by me.  Celebrity sightings were everywhere you looked.

Just a great American event.  By far the coolest moment for me was every morning when the trumpets would blare “Star Spangled Banner.”  Literally EVERYONE within ear-shot of the anthem would stop dead in their tracks, most were workers and would drop everything to stand still and salute our country.  In fact I stood next to Kirk Herbstreit during one anthem.  Truly an awesome thing, especially given the week after killing Bin Laden when hopefully that anthem took on a whole new level of respect.   More updates will come from my Derby week as I get my life back in order.  The oldest continuous sporting event in this country, truly a great American sporting event.  As American as this guy….




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