Alan From The Hangover Now Working Atlantic City

11 05 2011

Atlantic City, the 2nd largest gambling market in the country had a bad month last month, real bad.  One man single-handily caused their monthly revenue to drop a whopping 54% on table games and 20% overall.  This mystery man won 5.8 million at the blackjack tables last month.

Indiana Jones had one.

How the hell did this guy take down Tropicana for a cool 5.8 million?  He’s a card counting mind freak that apparently knows how to play the game, that or he cheated his balls off. 

“We had the single-largest winner in our history,’ Giannantonio said. ‘If it hadn’t been for bad luck at the tables, we would have had a good month.”Mark Giannantonio, Tropicana’s outgoing chief executive officer

Yeah and if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.  Great quote after some jabroni just cashed in his retirement on your watch.  Ironically enough Giannantonio was fired last week, although he’s sticking to his guns and believes the firing had nothing to do with their largest cash-out EVER.  Sure dude, keep believing that.

Press of Atlantic City has the story….




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