Phil Jackson Loves Peyote

11 05 2011

During the Mavericks sweep of the Lakers, Phil Jackson, perhaps the greatest coach to ever walk the sidelines, in the company of John Wooden, Red Auerbach and Pat Riley, most likely coached his last game ever in the NBA (get ready for Jackson to the Knicks rumors).  Hell he’s up there with Vince Lombardi as the best ever.  He has always been known as a bit eccentric if you will, into zen, the outdoors and frankly secluding himself from people.  Leading most people to believe that Jackson would enjoy partying it up with Walton at a Dead show.  Walton level weird, the right amount of weird not to be considered a douche nozzle.  Rick Carlise after handing Phil a playoff sweep, something he is not used too, told him to enjoy his retirement, his time on a ranch in Montana and well smoking peyote?

C’mon Rick, if your gonna come swinging at the greatest of all time with hallucinogenic haymakers, you better know your drugs.   Is it just me or does Rick Carlisle remind you of a very tall Jim Carrey?

Which one is which?




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