Flyers To Host Winter Classic 2012

13 05 2011

At Citizens Bank Park.  January 2, 2012.  Flyers vs. Rangers.  Epic-ness.

I had a tip to this back in December (last time I don’t write a blog on a credible tip) and have been excited about it ever since.  Along with all the excitement leading up to the event, i.e. town going Winter Classic crazy, alumni games, the entire hockey world’s eyes on our city, the most exciting event to come from this definitely has to be HBO’s 24/7 series.  Even non hockey fans get into 24/7 because it’s riveting television.

Will Mike Richards show a personality? Will the cameras roll when Richie and Lavs go to the movies together?  Will Carter bang chicks on camera? Will the cameras show Briere and Giroux making pancakes in the morning?  Will Pronger audition for his post playing career as a comic? Will we still have an absurd goalie carousel?  You can find all this out and more on 24/7.

Flyers are the second team behind the Pittsburgh Penguins to repeat as players in the Winter Classic, they played 2 years ago in Fenway Park against the Bruins.  Any excuse to get on the anti-NY wagon here in Philly is always a good time, and now we’ll have the national stage to get our first Winter Classic win.  Good times.




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