No More Gus Johnson In March But…

13 05 2011

There is a strong to very strong possibility that Gus Johnson will call a couple Eagles games next year. Gus and CBS recently parted ways after a long relationship, Gus being a CBS employee only used to call AFC games, and being that Fox is an NFC station there is a strong chance we will hear Gus do an Eagles game.

Although, this could prove dangerous to Gus’ health, with the amount of explosive plays Vick & Desean have, Gus could have an aneurism by week 6.  It’s unfortunate that during March Madness we won’t have the most excitable guy in sports calling it anymore, but bringing Gus to college football and NFC games is a good way to make up for the March Madness loss.

Rupert Murdoch, who owns the NY Post, recently hopped on the anti-Gus wagon as many in the know believe Johnson is an unprepared self-promoter.  NY POST…

“Prior to this past NBA regular season, Johnson was let go by MSG Network as the radio voice of the Knicks. At that time, as well as the NBA season prior, word passed that Johnson had become a load to indulge, that he was unreliable and unprepared, a self-promoter who demanded equal money for fewer games worked, as his schedule began to include CBS, BTN and events such as mixed martial arts telecasts. His recent split from CBS, the network that fast-tracked him, was attached to similar winks and nods — including a demand for superstar money.”

Either way, here’s hoping that Gus gets an Eagles assignment next year.  Gus’s replacement during March Madness could be the female panty wearer himself, Mr Marv Albert….YESSSSS!




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