Ray Lewis Might Kill Someone (Again) If The NFL Doesn’t Come Back

23 05 2011

Right? That’s what I got out of that.  Ray basically says if this bullshit isn’t figured out, crime is going to take over the streets.

And will he be leading the charge?  Imagine if Lewis couldn’t get out his frustrations and stress out on opposing TE’s & WR’s?  He would become a non-gay Omar from The Wire.  I don’t know really what the hell Lewis is talking about.  Since people can’t watch football for four hours on Sundays, that the crime rate is going to escalate?  I don’t see the correlation bro.

I love football as much as the next guy, but no football on Sundays doesn’t mean I’m gonna go rob a Wawa.  I didn’t notice Lewis sociological masters degree hanging behind him in the shoot.  His reasoning for the crime rate rising is that “there’s noting better to do Sal.”  Actually Ray, as great as football is, there is PLENTY to do out there.  Ride a bike, go to the beach, bang a chick, tons too do besides going on a crime spree.

Lewis is probably the best football player of my generation, but c’mon Ray lay off that Baltimore crack.




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