The Mets Really Mets’d That One Last Night Like A Bunch Of Mets

28 05 2011

We know you had a great time Chooch, the whole city knows you had a great time.

The Mets and more specifically Jose Reyes have always been known to hot-dog it around the playing fields and dugouts.  When they tied the game in the sixth inning, Reyes and some others took to their famous high-fives on first base and in the dugouts.  Chooch apparently got sick of all the Mets hot-dogging when they’ve won nothing of importance in a long time.  Chooch took to celebrating just like the Mets, in their house, gotta respect that.

Daniel Murphy assited with the Phillies big ninth inning when he oley’d a ball right past him, a play that regular first basemen Ike Davis would’ve made in his sleep.  But Murphy really Mets’d it worse than most Mets and gave the Phillies a nice cushion.  Murphy didn’t have the worst day yesterday, this guy, who’s girlfriend took to Facebook to let the whole world know about his tiny penis did.  Ouch.

That kid apparently has a real Mets situation going on in his pants.  Hi-yo!

What an opportune time to share with perhaps one of the greatest comic strips every to grace the white and black pages of a newspaper.  Thanks to the New Yorker for this one….

I like pictures.

Thanks to Crossing Broad for the Mets tip….




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