Most Bad-Ass Man On Earth?

3 06 2011

  That right there is the face of one of the most bad-ass men walking the face of the Earth.  Corporal Dipprasad Pun of the Nepalese Army just received a medal of honor from the British Government, he was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC), which is given in recognition of acts of conspicuous gallantry during active operations against the enemy.

“Pun fired more than 400 rounds, launched 17 grenades and detonated a mine to repel the Taliban assault on his checkpoint near Babaji in Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan, last September.”

The size of this guy’s cajones might be equivalent to Chooch’s (j/k this guy has elephantiasis of the nuts whereas Chooch’s are just big).  Unbelievable story of one man facing death, conceding that his life was over and fighting till the bitter end.  A bitter end he was able to survive.  He single-handily fought off 40 Taliban soldiers.  He used every resource he had, especially when he ran out of his 400 plus rounds of ammunition.  He withstood 15 straight minutes of assault with no ammunition.  He used his machine gun tri-pod to knock over militants that tried to invade his walls where he was positioned….

“Two insurgents were still attacking by the time he ran out of ammunition, but he set off a Claymore mine to repel them.”

What a man and what a story.  Mucho respect to this man’s will to live.  When one concedes he is going to die in battle, there is nothing to fear so you might as well go down fighting every low-life Taliban member you can, and that’s exactly what this man did.  Gotta give props where props are due.

Yahoo! has the story…..




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